Every customer has a story, grab it!

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We specialize in capturing, producing, and organizing User-Generated Content (UGC)

How does it work?

We create “Grabs.”

We leverage different asynchronous video capture tools that allow your customers to tell their story via video at their convenience on their personal devices. Each Grab is customized to ensure we get soundbites and footage that looks, sounds, and feels authentic. Gone are the days of setting up zoom calls, expensive video shoots, and coordinating busy schedules just to capture a quick Customer Success Story!

We help your team craft the ask.

We provide our clients with suggested copy to accompany the Grab link when they send it to their customers. Often we include best practices and tips for your customers to ensure they feel comfortable and capture the footage to the best of their ability.

We catalog the responses

Next, we process, transcribe, and log all of the responses into our client dashboard called The Gab Report, which categorizes each response by whatever data points our clients prefer (value props, features, personas, and more!!) This makes it easy for our clients to leverage their amazing Customer Success Stories over and over.* We thought you’d like that!

*Features/access to The Gab Report is dependent on the plan you choose.

We create your Customer Success Stories

Last and certainly not least, we begin the process of editing and producing polished videos to be leveraged on any channel you wish! We’ll work with your team to ensure that the videos are on-brand and created with the right specifications for your unique needs/channels. Certain plans allow our customers to access the raw footage so their internal teams can use the content to create additional assets.

Why Gabgrab?

How we work with professionals across departments

Enterprise Leaders

Sending production crews to interview customers is expensive, especially across multiple products and industries.

Gabgrab is a scalable solution that and enables your entire team to leverage your content to gain even more traction!

Small Business Owners

Hiring agencies and production crews to capture great customer success stories just isn’t in the budget of most small business, we’re here to change that!

We’ll help you capture the content you need at a price that can’t be beat. Starting at $500!

Sales Teams

The Gab Report empowers sales teams to organize, find, and leverage the success of their current clients by organizing stories in a way that makes sense for your team!

Give your reps the success stories they need to win over new clients!

Content Marketers

Find the perfect quote or video to add to your case studies, white papers, landing pages and more.

Gone are the days of scouring across cloud storage folders and watching dozens of videos just to find the quote you’re looking for.

All of your customer success stories at your finger tips!

Growth Marketers

Easily find the right quotes and videos you need to create iterative Ads targeted to your personas, value propositions, features and more.

Social Media Managers

Fill our your content calendar with amazing customer success stories that provide the social proof your organization needs.

Authentic customer success stories ready to be leveraged across any channel!

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